Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Prawn Pickle

Prawn Pickle

For Prawn Pickle you will need:
1 cup prawn (cleaned)
2 tbsp ginger (grated)
3 tbsp garlic (grated)
5-6 chillies(green)
5-6 tbsp lemon juice
10 tbsp pickle masala (achaar masala)
1 tsp turmeric powder
1 tsp hing
2 tbsp salt
1 tbsp mustard seeds (raai)
1/2 cup oil (for preserving the pickle)


Firstly wash, clean and pat dry the prawns. Then, marinate it for a while with little salt, lime juice, ginger, garlic (don't use all of it).

Now, in a kadhai take about 2 tbsp oil, put mustard seeds, chillies, hing, turmeric powder and the marinated prawns. Saute it nicely until all the juices in the prawn dry out.

Then let it cool down and add achaar masala and all the remaining ginger, garlic, salt to it and mix well. Keep this mixture in an air-tight bottle.

Meanwhile, take the oil and add remaining mustard seeds, hing and let this tadka cool down completely.

Once the prepared tadka has cooled down completely add it to the prawn mixture in the bottle.

This pickle can be preserved in an air-tight bottle/jar, in refrigerator for 20-25 days!

Enjoy this yummy pickle with puris, chapati, rice .. Anything...

my take: serve it as a dip with trotillas or french fries

Amrutha Langs

Diwali Special : crispy potato chiwda

Crispy Potato Chiwda

You will need big potatoes, cashews, peanuts, kishmish, salt, sugar, black pepper powder,green chillies.

(I haven't given proportion, as it can be adjusted according to your taste buds.. If you love dry fruits add some more of them!)

Take big potatoes wash, dry and then grate these potatoes over a cheese grater. You should get small noodle kind of texture.

Now put these grated potatoes into water and after removing them from water spread it over a cloth and pat dry.

Now deep fry these over medium to high flame (do not let the colour change while frying - try and maintain the goldeny white colour)

Take them out over newspaper add salt, sugar, black pepper powder to it an mix well.
(Instead of black pepper powder, you can use red chilly powder)

Meanwhile deep fry cashews, peanuts, kishmish, chillies (all seperately) and keep them aside.

Now mix everything together and store in an air-tight container!

Serve as a tea-time snack.

Try adding this to your upma or batata bhaji!

-Amrutha Langs