Tuesday, November 9, 2010


SHANKARPALE (sweet diamond biscuits)

You will need:
1 cup ghee
1 cup sugar
1 cup milk
1 cup maida (according to the milk proportion)
A small pinch of salt and baking powder


Boil milk and dissolve sugar in it.
In a big thali (plate) mix ghee with salt and baking powder and pour milk & sugar mixture in it.

Now go on adding maida, as much as the milk; ghee mixture can absorb. Till a soft but tough dough is formed.

Now roll out chapatis (rounds) out of it.
And then cut into diamonds.

Fry these diamonds in ghee on medium flame.

Shankarpale are ready!!!

ANARASE ( sweet crispy rounds)

Now-a-days, no one makes the dough for anarase at home, as it is a tedious process. For making the dough for anarase, you need to wash and dry the rice (grains) for 3 days then, grind it fine and sift the flour until fine flour is gained. Then you need to take grated jaggery, in the same proportion as the flour, then add some dahi (yogurt - fresh and creamy) to it. And kneed a dough adding 2 tbsp ghee. Then keep this dough aside for 4 days and then the dough is ready for making anarase...

Uff! Tedious isn't it!! Hmmm..

Instead get a ready anarse dough from a good shop and then follow the following process...

You will need:
Ready anarse mix (dough)
Ghee for frying


Roll out small puris out of the dough and spread and press some khaskhas over it.

Meanwhile heat ghee for frying in a kadhai.

Now deep fry the anarase on medium flame, but do not turn over the anarase .. The side with khaskhas should always be up and never be turned over.

Anarase are ready to be served!

(In the photographs you can see my creations : Shankarpale, Anarase, Mysore Pak)

Amrutha Langs

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