Wednesday, October 20, 2010

COOKING is FUN...!!!

For someone who has spent many hours of life, thinking about food, seeking out as many different flavors as I could possibly fit into my waking hours. It fills my life with delightfully yummy memories.
As all foodies know, food is the last frontier. We may not all be able to go out and discover a mountain, track a river, or journey into space, but we can all embark on a journey to uncover new flavors and textures, open doors or should I say open mouth to new worlds and new ideas and new cuisines and introduce peoples and cultures.
We can get back some of the wonder and joy that are the natural companions of a child trying things for the very first time.
You know something guys, on learning how the rest of the world eats, we learn how it lives.
I think we owe it to ourselves to make sure it isn't all about chips and burgers and sodas and colas… its far more than that… and if nothing else, then we owe it to our taste buds.

It's a simple funda for me, if we are indeed the sum total of what we
eat, then eating a wide variety of foods makes us more interesting,
while a receptive, monotonous diet results in us being a bit boring
and the yawny kinda Mr.Simpson!!!

So, what I wanna promise you all here is, that I am gonna offer you thousands of world recipes … A RECIPE FOR EACH DAY!
Exciting! isn't it! And, I wanna stop you from being the same old
boring, fat, couch potato simpson gorging on chips, pakodas, colas or
A celebration doesnot equal to a cola and pav-bhaji……. please guys,
change the concept……
Let's explore, let's dive into the world of food…………………………
and I promise you that next time onwards your thali will be filled with world cusine!!!

So, Cheers and Happy Cooking!!!
Amrutha Langs

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