Friday, November 6, 2009

ZeeTV Episodes : Greek Recipes - Chicken with Okra & Tzaziki with Chicken Wrap

Greek Recipes

Chiken with OKRA

4 chicken drumsticks,
150gms ladyfingers(okra)
1 bowl tomato puree
1 bowl onion chopped
lemon juice
olive oil

Marinate the chicken with garlic, lemon juice, salt, tomato puree and olive oil.
In a pan saute the onion on olive oil and then add the marinated chicken once the onion is light brown.
Meanwhile toss the okra in another pan with just a pince of salt.
Once the chicken is cooked add the okra to this chicken and mix together.
Chicken with okra is ready!
A simple dish, very easy to make, but a completely different combination.
You can view the video of this recipe on the following link:

Tzatiki and Chicken Wrap

1 bowl Cucumber grated
1/2 bowl Yogurt
olive oil
1 bowl boneless chicken
lemon juice
2 wraps (rotis) made out of maida (flour)

Toss the chicken in olive oil with little salt and oregano and let it cook till chicken is tender.
Meanwhile, make the Tzatiki dip. Take yogurt, grated cucumber, garlic, olive oil, oregano, salt and make a smooth paste in mixer. and the dip is ready.
You can apply this dip to the wrap and place some chicken pieces and make a roll and eat!

Try serving his dip with Indian samosas!!!

You can view video of this recipe on the following link:

Khate raho
Amrutha Langs

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