Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kitchen Essentials : Quick Recipes

These are some real quick recipes for the hectic days or for the days when you dont feel like cooking...

  • Make a thin square slice of a Paneer chunk (of the size of a bread slice), cut capsicum rings, fry it and use is as a patty for sandwich.
  • Half-boil green peas and then fry them with chopped ginger and lots of garlic. Add lemon juice and coriander leaves.
  • Boil small potatoes, peel them. Make powder of ajwain (owa). Fry a little garlic paste, add the ajwain and then add the potatoes and little bit of amchoor powder.
  • Fry chopped ladyfinger (just slit them in middle and fry) till crispy and cooked, add little amchoor powder. Tastes yum. and its a real quick starter. You can make a tadka for it of - raai (mustartd seeds/mohri) and garlic.
  • If you are tired of the same old rice and dal and feel like eating something different but dont have time for biryani or pulao. Just take a spoon of oil, put some crushed black pepper and jeera and add rice. Add water, salt and cook the rice. Pressure cook the dal, and give a quick tadka of red chillies and load of garlic and add some corriander to this dal before serving. You dalt tadka and Jeera rice is ready in 15 mins!!!
  • Take some fresh curd, add some salt and red chilly powder, add chopped onion and mix. Quick Raita is ready to be served with parathas or biryani or a dip with hot kachoris or samosas.
  • Take some mint leaves, corriander, ginger and form it into a fine paste, add some lemon juice and rock salt to it and pour it into a bottle and store this in your refrigerator. Whenever needed take 2 spoons of this mixture in a glass and some cold water to it. Makes a great cooler for hot days!!! and it also works as an appetizer, just like jaljeera.
  • Toss some brinjals on mustard seeds and hing and let it cook till its soft and nice brown. Meanwhile, mix garam masala powder, red chilly powder, salt, corriander powder and cumin powder to dahi and make a smooth mixture. Now pour this mixture on the brinjals and let it cook for 5 mins. Delicious "restaurant-style"  Baingan Kashmiri are ready.
  • Toss some boneless chicken with garlic and ginger paste and red chilly powder. Meanwhile, take a maggi / knorr soup packet and mix it with water and make a think paste. Now add this paste to the chicken once its tender. Add salt to taste and your delicious chicken is ready without any special masalas or any difficult method. Children love it and everyone dives into it. People will not understand its the soup packet that has done the miracle. (Soup packet can be : tomato, muchroom, or veg any flavour is fine, it depends on your taste buds completely)
  • Take some ripe bananas and mash them in a bowl, add sugar and wheat flour / rava (semolina) to it. Make a batter out of it by adding little milk if needed. Now make small pancakes out if it and serve hot with honey!!!
What say guys??? Is cooking all that difficult???
Naaahhhh!!! I dont think so... I think Indian Men should also start cooking, what say gals???

-Khate Raho


  1. great ones... will try a few when i am in hurry. would like to add another quick one.
    keep baked beans cans handy at home. whenever you are running out of time to cook, just fry them for 5 mins with oil, jeera and mustard seeds. until then toast brown bread on a pan with butter. place the beans on the bread slice while still on the pan, grate some cheese over it, cover it with a plate for a minute or two and serve hot. u can use oregano for garnishing!

  2. I know these recipes are really quick... and yes definetly try them and let me know...
    Thank you also for the baked beans on toast...
    -Khate Raho!!!


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