Monday, October 26, 2009

KIWI CHEESE CAKE - Gaurav's Surprise Birthday Party

... A few days ago I was expecting some friends for my husband's surprise birthday bash.
My goal was to entertain from my kitchen.
The house was decorated ...

I made a great menu with - pizza tarts, garlic bread, champinones rellenos, fried rice and mushroom-babycorn veggie with chinese style gravy.

Dessert was a real effort. It was a lucious kiwi cheese cake.
I'm sure it was delicious.
It was beautiful.
I had made some kiwi swirls for decorations.
I was proud.
But as the saying goes!!!
Pride goes before a fall...
As I was putting the cake back in the fridge, it slipped right off the cake stand.

so, finally I had to make another cake... that was CHOCOLATE RUM CAKE, as I was out off kiwis...
it turned our quite well... infact everyone enjoyed!!!

And the party ...

-Khate Raho!!!

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