Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ZeeTV Episodes : Bliny

Bliny (Russian Recipe)
Video of this recipe:


• 1 teaspoon yeast

• Milk

• Maida

• 2 Egg yolks

• 2 egg whites

• Salt sugar

• Butter


• Prepare the yeast and leave for 10 mins.

• In a large bowl mix Maida sugar salt and milk and the yeast, add melted butter and finally the egg yolks mix the ingredients and form uttappa batter consistency.

• Cover tightly and keep aside for an hour to rise.

• Add the whipped egg whites to this risen batter and gently give it a whisk.

• On a frying pan put little oil and spoon the blinys.

Khate Raho
Amrutha Langs

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